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    Safety, Health, Environment (SHE)

    Company and Safety Management Systems


    Minbaringu Services subscribes to“Zero harm” at work policy.  We see value in having efficient and effective management systems that support our employees and subcontractors return home each day injury and illness free.  Through implementing pragmatic solutions to matters of health, safety and environment issues, on-site supervision and maintaining open lines of communication with Clients; Minbaringu Services are committed to ensuring we comply with relevant Work Health and Safety & Environmental legislation, applicable Codes of Practice and Australian Standards as far as possible.


    National Code of Practice

    Minbaringu Services will ensure compliance with the National Code of Practice and Industrial Guidelines by

    • Submission of test instruments for assessment and NATA compliance.
    • Submitting a signed statutory declaration with each and every progress claim stating our current compliance to the National Code of Practice.
    • Training key staff on the provisions of the National Code of Practice.


    Self Declaration

    Minbaringu Services will ensure compliance, on a project by project basis as required by the Client.

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