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    As part of our local community engagement strategy we have identified 3 major community issues in which
    to participate and focus attention, as below:
    1. Youth suicide
    2. Education
    3. Indigenous Employment

    We are committed to working with local organisations to improve the lives of families and individuals in their respective T/O groups. In collaboration with local organisations we will commit our support to families in the Roebourne, Karratha and South Hedland communities.
    Minbaringu Services recognise the need to improve education outcomes for Indigenous Australians and are committed to assist local organisations within the community by working with schools to support their programs to increase pupil attendance and engagement.

    Minbaringu Services will support the recruitment, employment and retention of Indigenous workers in afair, transparent and merit based process, including:
    o Providing apprenticeship opportunities
    o Increasing the number of Indigenous staff employed
    o Promoting and supporting professional development of Indigenous workers towards reaching their full potential



    Richard Walker
    Managing Director Date: 18 September 2018
    Review Date: 18 September 2019