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    Director Story

    I am a Ngarluma Corporate Director, I live in the Pilbara with my wife and children and have a close connection to the Ngarluma and Ngamal communities through my mother and father. I have a strong sense of community and enjoy helping people to improve their lives. As a young man, growing up in the Pilbara I have experienced many difficulties and hardships. Social inequality, injustice and lack of opportunity have motivated me to work hard and become successful.  It has been difficult for me to accept the reality of cultural exclusion and imbalance in a region so rich in natural resources and opportunities for non-indigenous companies and people.

    Through my work as Ngarluma Heritage manager, I have a close connection to the land and ancestral sacred sites.  It is deeply troubling to me when these sites are disturbed and not respected in the correct way. I have worked hard to bring change in attitude and methodologies in this area. I support progress and development but believe it must be done in the right way.

    Protecting the land and cultural sites for future generations is very important to me and my people.  Being able to offer opportunities to young people provides me motivation in business and in life.  I believe in generational change for the long term development and improvement of my ancestral communities. It is my desire to help my people gain financial and social independence through engagement and support programmes. My goal is to use my Indigenous business to provide the financial and human resources to help achieve these goals.

    I have invested time talking to Pilbara mining and resources companies who have committed to supporting me in my vision to make a difference for my T/O groups. I have developed a programme around 3 key topics (Pillars of community engagement) which have impacted my immediate and wider families over the years. Copy of this document can be viewed below.  I have also developed a road map with key people to assist in the development and implementation of this programme.

    With the support and mentoring of my business partners, I aim to develop a successful business which will allow me to achieve these goals and leave a legacy long after I have gone.

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